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Tested to British, European, American, Canadian and Australian standards by Lloyds British, our UK-designed products are of the highest quality, easy to install and very competitively priced.

We have solutions for concrete, scaffolding, steel and timber as well as our unique Accurate Slab Clamp which requires no drill and fix.

StairFast comprises of telescopic handrails, posts and secure fixing clamps which require no drilling. All are available in a range of sizes to suit different configurations.

Our safety nets and frames are designed to catch persons and debris at testing height from below the working deck. They are made of knotless, high tensile polypropylene materiel for fall protection.

For construction safety netting please contact Sales.

Product categories

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Safety Nets

Accurate Safety Net Fans protect workers and the public from the risk of falling objects on construction sites.

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Edge Protection

Accurate Safety has developed a modular temporary edge protection system designed specifically to stop people and objects from falling to a lower level.

StairFast System

Innovative new stairwell protection system comprising of telescopic handrails, posts and clamps.

Elevator Protection

Accurate Safety provides a number of simple and affordable solutions to remove the risk of falls into open elevator shafts during construction.

Scaffolding Protection

Accurate Safety offers a number of solutions to the scaffolding industry, fixings bespoke to scaffolding tubes.

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