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Protecting the construction industry from its biggest killer – falls from height.

Falls from height are the construction industry’s biggest killer.

Accurate Safety is a British-owned company specialising in the design and manufacture of safety nets, edge protection and guard rail systems which can be fixed safely and easily to all types of buildings, facades and wind-exposed structures.

Tested to the highest standards, our nets are made of knotless, high tensile polypropylene materiel which is a new concept in manufacturing netting for fall from height protection.

We pride ourselves in continually innovating to protect both workers and the public from the risk of falling objects.

What is the testing criteria for nets?

The UK test requires two 100kg weights dropped separately from 6 metres. The US test requires one weight of 185kg from 7 metres. The net and strong steel frame absorbs the energy of the fall and contains the falling object or person within the net.

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